Send us an email, have a chat, discuss your ideas, ask us a question, ask how to achieve what you want to achieve, or just vent, we’d love to help. Here’s some ways we’ve helped artists (primarily DIY bands) in the past…

Live, Promotional, Documentative, Artistic, Fine Art Photographers

Online Presence & Social Media
Lastfm, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

Live Performance
Venues, Galleries, Unconventional Spaces; Parks, Shopfronts, Warehouses, etc.

Live Audio
Sound folk who know their shit

Studio Audio
Tracking, Mixing, Mastering

Media Production
Cassette tape, compact optical disk, vinyl

Hand Made with love and affection

To independent record stores in Australia and New Zealand and into the hands of those who love you

Event and Tour Booking
Australia, New Zealand & The Rest

Online, Community radio, Streetpress, Zines, Grassroots

Posters & Flyers
Design, Printing, Postering, Flyering

Collaborations, group exhibitions, graphic design, installations, visual artworks, exhibitions, live music, live & studio audio engineering (tracking, mixing, mastering), packaging (100% post-consumer waste), distribution, event organising, musical instrument tuition, musical instrument maintenance, advice on anything and all sorts of other things.